Leamington Spa Jobs

Leamington Spa is a thriving centre for commerce and business, although, like everywhere else, the powerful recession which currently grips the entire world has left its calling card.

Leamington Spa Jobs

However, the number of working-age benefit claimants in Leamington is significantly below the national average, and skills levels are substantially higher, making the area an obvious choice for companies relocating out of more expensive city premises.

Serving a local population of more than 57,000 people, the jobs market remains buoyant. Interestingly, the industries offering the majority of work-placed jobs reflect those regionally and nationally. These include distribution, banking, finance and insurance, public administration, education, health and hotels and restaurants.

Being centrally positioned in the heart of the country, and served by a good network of transport links and roads, Leamington has become a popular location for the head offices of many national companies, which has brought employment opportunities to the area.

Tachbrook Park

Just a short distance from the centre of town on the southern edge is Tachbrook Park, a large business park which is home to a range of companies from car-dealerships to energy companies and major, multi-national corporations. Tachbrook has brought many additional jobs to the area, and continues to offer a variety of employment opportunities to local people. The Park is served by local buses and is only a mile or so from the mainline railway station, making it easily accessible for those who don’t drive.

Shires Retail Park

Adjacent to Tachbrook Park is Shires Retail Park, an out-of-town centre with large stores such as Sainsbury’s, Focus, Next, Mothercare and Boots. These stores also employ a large number of local people, helping to ensure that unemployment in Leamington remains lower than the national average.

Warwick Science Park

Just a few miles away on the outskirts of neighbouring Warwick, is Warwick Science Park. Part of the University of Warwick, the centre is also home to a number of technological companies, again employing local people with these particular skills.


Being so close to Warwick and Stratford upon Avon, the entire region around Leamington Spa has a high level of employment coming from tourism and leisure. The regions boasts some of the best hotels in the area and many people work in the services industries centred on the county’s thousands of visitors.

Working in Leamington Spa

The average household income in Leamington Spa in 2005 was £29,276 making salaries in the area slightly below the national average, despite the local population having a higher skill base than those possessed nationally. This may, however, be a reflection of the youthfulness of the workforce, which compared to other parts of the UK is relatively young and inexperienced in many cases.

Having said that job satisfaction is high and people seem to enjoy working in the town. Some put this down to good transport systems, others to the people that they work with. Some people who need to travel across the town at peak times do complain about the volume of traffic, which like many other areas can be very congested at times.

Those working in the town centre share the pleasures of walking along by the river at lunchtime and also being able to take advantage of the wonderful shops, restaurants and cafes that Leamington has to offer. This certainly adds to the feel-good factor of working in a pretty and affluent town.

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