Hotels in Leamington Spa

Leamington Spa is home to some of the best hotels in Warwickshire, and also offers a selection of accommodation that is second to none. From five star hotels to Guest Houses and Bed and Breakfast rooms, the town has an excellent choice to suit all tastes and budgets alike.

Leamington Spa Hotels

Location, Location, Location

When considering the type of accommodation you want to book, you must first decide on the location – do you want to be in the centre of town, within close walking distance of all amenities, or would you prefer somewhere a little out of town, in a quieter location? You will find that Leamington has something to offer all visitors, regardless of their individual requirements.

Car Parking

Next consider which facilities are important to you. Is a car parking space important? If so, make sure that your accommodation offers this and has sufficient spaces for all its rooms. Some hotels will advertise that they have a customer car park, but it may only have spaces for five cars and the hotel has twelve rooms - so whether you can park there or not is a matter of luck. If in any doubt at all, simply give your chosen destination a quick call or send them an email to clarify.

Internet Access

Many people these days take for granted the availability of WiFi and internet access. This may well be the case in a larger hotel, but if you are booking a B&B, do check to ensure that you will not disappointed when you arrive.

Evening Meals

Most accommodation will offer evening meals to guests, but some Guest Houses and B&Bs do not have the facility to offer hot food in the evenings. This won’t be a problem if you plan to eat out and sample the many pubs and restaurants in Leamington Spa, but do bear it in mind if you are visiting on a budget or have special dietary needs or preferences.

Extra Facilities

Many larger hotels are able to offer additional facilities, such as spas and swimming pools. These are wonderful if you are going to have time to use them, but if you have a packed itinerary for your stay in Leamington, make sure you are not paying for extras that you won’t be using. Some of the smaller hotels and Guest Houses have excellent basic facilities that are all you need when you have a full schedule.

A Range Of Prices

As with everything else at the moment, the recession has hit the hospitality industry very hard. This is great news for guests as it means there are some fantastic deals to be found. A number of hotels are offering extra nights for free or at a heavily discounted rate, if certain nights of the week are booked. Terms and conditions will apply so check with your hotel at the time of booking so see what might be available.

Enjoy Your Stay

Whatever brings you to Leamington Spa, we are sure you will have a wonderful time. Whether it’s business, pleasure, shopping or just a weekend away, there is plenty to see and do here. So enjoy your stay – and come back again soon!

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